Saudi Arabian missile attack concerns SA

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The South African Government says it is concerned about the attempted missile attack that targeted the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh.

The attempted missile attack on 25 March 2018 is the third such incident following similar attempts in November and December 2017.

The missiles are believed to have originated in Yemen.

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation said South Africa shares the concern that the domestic conflict in Yemen is impacting on regional stability.

Furthermore, the missiles appear to have been destroyed over urban areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and have resulted in a casualty.

South Africa condemns any use of lethal force targeting civilian populations and calls upon the parties involved to respect international humanitarian law.

“South Africa reiterates its calls to all parties involved in the conflict in Yemen to demonstrate restraint and consider peaceful alternatives.

“We remain forthright in our belief that the only sustainable resolution will be a negotiated, Yemeni-led, inclusive and fair political settlement,” the department said. –

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