SA's film industry to come under the spotlight

Friday, January 25, 2019

The South African Film Summit is expected to be held early next month to deliberate on ways to develop the local film industry.

Industry experts and policy makers within the audio-visual industry will gather for the summit at Skyrink Studios in Johannesburg on 4 and 5 February.

Held by the Arts and Culture Department, the event also seeks to assess the extent to which the current or emerging legislation and policies either enhance or hinder the transformation and development of the film and television industry in South Africa.

Delegates will evaluate the extent to which the South African film industry is catching up or aligning itself with emerging trends and global developments, premised by Pan-Africanism.

The summit is a platform for knowledge sharing through case studies and benchmarking with similar countries in the developing world.

“Policy coordination and coherence is important to ensure there are no unnecessary bottlenecks, contradictions and gaps that will negatively impact on the business environment, while simultaneously encouraging investment, particularly from the private sector,” said Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

About 300 experts and policymakers from key organizations, government and industry institutions such as the South African Broadcasting Corporation National Film and Video Foundation; South African Screen Federation; South African Guild of Actors, South African Arts & Culture Youth Forum and Independent Black Filmmakers Collective, as well as other local and international key stakeholders, will take part in the summit.

“Addressing South Africa’s positioning in the film sector, not only on the continent but also globally, is important if the country is to compete in the creative economy,” said the Minister. -