SADC Media Awards

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

By William Baloyi

In a world filled with information overload the significance of our own stories should not be overlooked, especially those that contribute positively towards achieving regional integration and co-operation between the people of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

Regional integration and telling our own stories was one of the key reasons for the establishment of the SADC awards, following a decision by the Council of Ministers in 1996 to recognise best media work in disseminating information on SADC to support the process of regional co-operation and integration.

The awards aim to recognise excellence in journalism in the area of print, photo, television, radio as well as to encourage media practitioners in member states to cover issues pertaining to the region.

We call on media practitioners in South Africa and the region to share their stories that focus on economic well-being, improvement of the standard of living and quality of life, freedom and social justice, peace and security for the people of Southern Africa. The SADC Media Awards present a unique opportunity for the SADC region’s journalists to be celebrated and recognised by their peers.

Media practitioners are encouraged to continually ensure that we popularise projects that are underway in the SADC region. Africa and the region must tell her own stories. It is important that we hear from a range of voices from our diverse nations. By telling our own stories, we will bridge divides between SADC nations.

The other focus of the awards is to encourage SADC nations to further boost intra-Africa trade through greater market integration, cross-border infrastructure development, and policy coordination.

By sharing and telling these stories, we can show how integration and infrastructure development is driving regional economic development, trade and investment.

The SADC Secretariat has announced that entries for the 2024 SADC Media Awards are open. Entries must be submitted by no later than 29 February 2024, and will be judged in four categories namely; Photo, Print, Television and Radio Journalism. The awards are open to journalists from the SADC Member States. Journalists who wish to enter the competition can access more information about the competition from the and websites.

*William Baloyi is Chief Director: Media Engagement at the Government Communication and Information System