SAAF pays tribute to all its uniform members

Friday, February 2, 2018

Lieutenant General Fabian Zimpande Msimang says the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) is duty bound to pay tribute to all brave men and women in uniform who are deployed in the African continent.

“The purpose of a Defence force is to deliver security to its people and to strengthen regional, continental and international peace and stability,” said LT General Msimang.

Speaking at a Prestige Parade to celebrate the South African Air Force’s 97th birthday event held at the Air Force Base in Swartkop, Pretoria, on Friday, General Msimang said as part of the armed forces, the South African Airforce must be a dependable air force.

“The level of defence ambition requires the Defence Force to be appropriately equipped, resourced and trained in support of South Africa’s national security, national interest and foreign policy.

“In this time of great global tension, being ready will mean the difference between capitulating and maintaining sovereignty through deterrence of victory,” General Msimang said.

The South African Air Force today celebrate its 97th birthday at the Air Force Base, Swartkop in Pretoria.

The purpose of the event is to celebrate and acknowledge exceptional performance by Directorates, Bases, Squadrons and Units.

The event is also meant to thank all members of the Air Force for their dedication, loyal support as well as work performed during the previous year.

General Msimang assured the public that the South African Airforce is there to serve and protect them.

“I salute each and every woman and man of the South African Airforce, uniformed and civilian, permanent force and reserve force who through commitment and passion to serve were able to meet the challenges of 2017 with high level of purpose unleashing creativity, decisiveness and bold collective action.

“Though we did our best with the resources at our disposal, I strongly believe that we can still do better,” General Msimang said.

General Msimang said the Air Force has always pride itself on its professionalism, flexibility, commitment and determination to rise to any challenge.

“To ensure that we continue to have the people with the necessary skills sets and equipment, we have had to instantly change the way we used to do business by firstly changing our contracting models and engaging robustly with underperforming service providers,” General Msimang said.

According to General Msimang, during 2017, SAAF assets were involved in several SANDF and high visibility activities. –



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