SAA reassures customers of stringent Halaal requirements

Monday, December 4, 2017

South African Airways (SAA) has reassured all Muslim customers that it maintains the highest Halaal requirements and standards in food preparation.

“SAA’s Muslim customers can be assured that AirChefs, the catering subsidiary of the airline, is compliant with the stringent Halaal requirements as stated and governed by the governing body, the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC), and is also regarded as one of the oldest, most representative and most influential religious organizations in South Africa,” said SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali,

The airline’s response on this matter follows the publication of a newspaper report where anonymous persons made unsubstantiated claims of non-compliance.

“The claims made are baseless and malicious and appear to be the works of a handful of disgruntled employees who wish to bring the name of AirChefs and by extension, SAA into disrepute.

“Nevertheless, the newspaper proceeded to publish a sensational report under a misleading and harmful headline, based on a mere say so of its sources without attaching weight to the countervailing evidence to the claims made. The MJC is a highly respected body in the Muslim community and the story published casts aspersions on their independence and integrity,” said the Tlali on Sunday.

The national carrier said a site inspection last month found it to be compliant to Halaal requirements.

“From the report of the MJC Area Manager there were no food related or Halaal processes being violated. We are in possession of the audit report to this effect.”

However, the anonymous callers contacted the MJC again and insisted that there were irregularities and that if the MJC failed to take steps against AirChefs, they would approach the media.

“The Chief Operating Officer of MJC, Sheikh Moosa Titus, went to AirChefs to conduct a further audit and satisfied himself that all Halaal processes stipulated were complied with,” said the carrier.

The AirChefs kitchen in Cape Town is Halaal. –

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