SA, Kenya advance trade relations

Thursday, May 24, 2018

South Africa and Kenya are working hard to boost trade and investment, says South Africa’s High Commissioner to Kenya, Koleka Mqulwana.

Speaking at a trade and investment seminar in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, Mqulwana said the two countries are working to level the balance of trade by enhancing bilateral and investment relations.

The High Commissioner’s comments come as the Department of Trade and Industry (dti) leads 19 South African companies on a Trade and Investment Mission (TIM) to the East African country.

Mqulwana said while there are vibrant trade relations between the two nations, there remains an immense untapped potential.

“There are several other initiatives being undertaken in enhancing the ties of friendship and cooperation between our two countries to bring our people closer together. These are in areas such as education, research, security, defence, immigration, biodiversity, conservation and management.”

Mqulwana said the presence of the South African delegation that arrived in Kenya on Monday demonstrates the growing interest in enhancing trade and investment relations between the two countries.

She urged businesspeople to engage and deliberate the Kenyan business fraternity to make lasting contacts, seek partnerships and develop business relations. 

The CEO of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Angela Ndambuki, said Kenya is a promising place in which to do business, with growing markets and good opportunities.

“The private sector in Kenya is generally vibrant and in good health... For us to succeed in the private sector, we need a conducive business environment, to which the government of Kenya has been able to offer for both local and international investors,” she said.

The seminar was held under the theme ‘Strengthening Business Linkages between South Africa and Kenya’.

Total trade between South Africa and Kenya stood at R9.7 billion in 2017. –