SA heroine, Dulcie September honoured in France

Friday, March 27, 2009

France - In recognition of Dulcie Evon September's contribution towards the liberation of South African people, government is expected to launch the Dulcie September Legacy Project in Arcueil, France.

Ms Dulcie was assassinated on 29 March 1988 in Paris. She had been investigating the trafficking of weapons between France and South Africa.

The Deputy Minister of Arts and Culture, Ntombazana Botha and the Mayor of Arcueil, Daniel Breuiller will unveil a plaque and lay wreaths at the Dulcie September Memorial.

A memorial lecture and an exhibition will also be held in her honour and the Dulcie September Award for Humanity will be bestowed on 23 students on the day.

"The Dulcie September Legacy project is a reminder to all South Africans that women played a pivotal role in the struggle for freedom and that they are equal partners in the socio-economic development of our society," Deputy Minister Botha said.

She added that government had wanted to pay a proper tribute to Ms Dulcie for the enormous personal sacrifices she made during her life.

The town of Arcueil has paid tribute to her by naming a junior secondary school after her and hosting various events every year to commemorate her contribution to the South African struggle and the ultimate sacrifice she paid.

Ms Dulcie was born on 20 August 1935 in Gleemoor, Athlone in Cape Town. She was arrested and detained without trial in October 1963 and early in 1964, together with nine others, and charged with conspiring to commit acts of sabotage and inciting acts of politically motivated violence.

She was sentenced to five years' imprisonment. After being released in 1969 and the then government banned her for five years and she left the country in 1974 for Britain in order to further her studies