SA companies to sample Asian food market

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Gauteng businesspeople say they are ready to access the Asian market and secure opportunities during the 44th Foodex Trade Fair.

The companies, which are amongst the 30 companies that received financial support from the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti), will participate in the trade fair from 5-8 March in Japan. 

Foodex is regarded as Asia’s largest food and drink exhibition providing a platform for creating and expanding business opportunities.

The Managing Director of Blue Shirt Bakery, Gys Olivier, says the research that he has done as part of his preparation for the trade fair has shown that the Asian market provides good business opportunities for his products.

He reckons that as a player in this sector, he will be able to find clients for his products.

“I have made contact with some potential customers from Japan already and the good news is that they have shown interest in our range of products.

“We hope to build on that and secure some export business into Japan as well as the Asian region through connecting with interested parties at the trade fair,” said Olivier, whose confectionary company boasts reputable 30 years of experience in the production of edible foods.

These range from pittas, waffles and biscuits, which are distributed across major retail stores and the food service industry all over South Africa and the Southern African Development Community region.

The Director of Lentibex, an organic vegetable business manufacturing macadamia nuts, oil and butter, Thabo Mooketsi, says he has set his sights on establishing new market and distribution channels for exporting his goods and services to bolster his business profile as he intends to trade internationally.

Dr Rob Davies, the Minister of Trade and Industry, says participating in the trade fair will expose South African companies to available trade and investment opportunities and highlight their products and services in order to gain access to the multibillion rand Asian food and beverage market. –