SA, China honour amateur lensmen

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

South Africa and trading partner China’s relationship has grown to greater heights with the two countries recognising the creative sector through an amateur photography competition.

On Wednesday, winners of the China Photography Competition were announced. The competition was a partnership between Government Communication and Information System (GCIS), China Plus, Global Max Media Group (GMMG), and CNBC Africa in Hatfield, Pretoria.

During the event, 20 pictures taken by amateur photographers from across Africa and China were displayed during the event. Winners were voted for by an audience attending the function and a team of professional photographers. First prize winner, Milu Shen from China, walked away with a R6 000 cash prize.

South Africans Afrika Mdolomba and Luca van de Merwe came second and third place won R3 000 and R1 000, respectively.  

Yun Li from China Plus said the competition aims to recognise and award winners for images that depict Africa-China relations, from regional cultures and travel photography to commercial or any photojournalism work.

Speaking at the event, acting GCIS Director General Phumla Williams said: “Very often we talk about partnerships of business, partnerships of growing the economy, but what is important about this partnership is the investment in youth.”

She said the competition was a further indication that the two countries are investing in each other.

“With this competition, I know you say it is for amateurs but it is something worth so much more. At times, you may not even know that you have the potential, who knows [what might] come out from this completion.

“As GCIS, we are involved in a lot of interactions with South Africans and we do a lot of photography, video – a lot of face to face. We have realised that it (photography) is a skill that we should also contribute. We have partnerships with universities where some students come and partner with us. [This] is to make sure that we contribute towards the youngsters.”

She said she was hopeful that such initiatives would contribute to curbing unemployment that largely affected South Africa’s youth.

“Today is one of those events that makes the relationship of South Africa and China a reality. It is an activity that is taking the people to people agreement to higher levels,” she said. –