SA attends Göteborg book fair

Monday, September 30, 2019

Officials from the Department of Arts and Culture have attended the Göteborg Book Fair in Sweden.

The 2019 Göteborg Book Fair Seminar programme took place under three themes -- South Korea, Gender Equality, and Media and Information Literacy (MIL) -- from 26 – 29 September in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The delegates from the department attended as observers and to learn especially from South Korea, a country with a splendid culture and body of literature, which was the 2019 focus country.

The learning and observation afforded South Africa the chance to pave the way to the 2020 book fair, as South Africa will be the Guest of Honour in the coming year.

“Göteborg Book Fair is one of the biggest book fairs in Europe, a four-day long celebration of literature and is the largest cultural event in the Nordic countries.

“It gives access to the Nordic market and provides a meeting place for publishers, literary agents, media, institutes, organisations, writers and readers. A total of 1 000 accredited journalists cover Göteborg Book Fair, generating approximately 7 000 articles, TV and radio spots,” the department said.

At the fair, over 300 seminars are offered, over 700 authors and commentators participate, over 100 international leading authors and over 800 exhibitors are on location.

Over 80 000 visitors meet their favourite authors, buy books and discover new literature. Rights are also negotiated.

Teachers attend too as well as librarians, fans of fantasy and feel-good books, alongside eminent agents and publishers, parents with children, poets, literary authors and the Swedish crime fiction elite.

The highlight every year on subjects focuses on literature, reading and contemporary issues. –