Public transport under scrutiny ahead of festive season

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Minibus taxis and buses will receive special attention this week in a pre-festive season drive to ensure that public transport vehicles are roadworthy.

“Traffic chiefs from all provinces and major metros decided at a special National Road Safety Steering Committee meeting recently that traffic officers will go out this week to ensure public transport vehicles with major defects are removed from the road,” the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) said on Tuesday.

Minibus vehicles and buses account for about 10% of motor vehicles that get involved in fatal crashes on South Africa’s roads.

RTMC said law enforcement officers will be adopting a no nonsense approach and vehicles that are not roadworthy will be removed from the road.

“Drivers without driver's licences will also be stopped and prevented from proceeding to operate the vehicle.

"[We] decided to clampdown on vehicles without number plates. A trend has been noticed where number plates are removed from motor vehicles to evade speed detection,” said RTMC.

Removing a vehicle’s number plate is against the National Road Traffic Act regulation 35. The act requires that number plates are affixed “in a manner that is not easily detachable” and “in such a manner that each letter and figure thereon is clearly legible”.  –

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