Public servants must accelerate service delivery

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Parliament - More can be done to improve the lives of the poor if public servants can accelerate the speed of service delivery with pride and diligence.

Delivering his Budget Vote in Parliament on Tuesday, Minister of Public Service and Administration, Richard Baloyi, said democracy and successful governance were built on the foundation of a competent civil service.

"We will not fail to deliver the quality services that we identified for ourselves if our public servants are ready to internalise their obligation to discharge their best abilities to implement the policies of the Government," he said.

Mr Baloyi said government has gone a long way in addressing the social needs of people by providing decent shelter, water, electricity, healthcare facilities, schools, social security services, houses, roads infrastructure, among others.

However, he said, more still needed to be done, and government had a plan to do more.

He further praised public servants, calling them the champions of service delivery.

"We would not have done these things and we would not do more if we did not have responsive, dedicated and committed public servants who are motivated, willing and capable of carrying out our developmental mandate.

"Our public servants share experience as they pull along together; as they champion the course for effective service delivery," the minister said.