Public asked to assist in plane crash investigations

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Durban - Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) investigators have asked the public for help in their efforts to piece together the cause of the SA Airlink plane crash at a school ground in Merebank.

According to the CAA, investigators need to locate an engine part that separated from the aircraft that crashed shortly after take-off from Durban International Airport, last month.

"It is not known at what stage of flight this part may have separated from the engine. It is possible that someone may have inadvertently removed it from the wreckage site. Notwithstanding, recovery thereof would certainly assist in the investigation process," said the CAA.

They said the missing part could be anywhere in the vicinity of the accident scene.

Preliminary findings indicated that it could have been engine failure that was responsible for the crash that killed the pilot.

According to initial reports, the aircraft, which had twin engines, broke in two after crashing into a school ground in Merebank, shortly after take-off around 8am, on Heritage Day.

The CAA has requested that if any person comes across the part, to e-mail a photo of the part to and also provide details of the exact location where the part was recovered as well as their contact details.