Programme to assist unemployed people get driving licenses

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The KwaZulu-Natal Transport Department has called on all unemployed citizens in the province to apply for a programme designed to assist them get drivers' licenses and increase their chances of getting a job.

As part of the provincial Transport Month campaign, Transport, Community Safety and Liaison MEC, Sipho Hlomuka, launched the Thuthuka Driving Skills Programme that will assist more than 3 000 people across all age groups to get free learners and driving licences from Code 08 to Code 14.

“This is part of our ongoing contribution to job creation because we know that when people have licences, they stand a better chance of being employed across all sectors. We have already begun to engage with the driving schools’ executives to bring them on board and work with them in rolling out this programme,” Hlomuka said.

Hlomuka added that through the Thuthuka Driving Skills Programme initiative, the department is working on the eligibility criteria for obtaining a driver licence.

To access the application form for the programme, click on, alternatively, you may access the form on the department’s website  then click on Electronic Reading Room on the left-hand sidebar and choose forms from the options, then choose forms again. Click on the Thuthuka Skills Development Programme Application Form in order to download and fill out the form.

Completed forms may be handed in at the nearest Department of Transport Regional Office or Cost Centre office, as well as the department’s Head Office.

Applications for the programme close on 17 October 2023.

Protests by internal contract workers condemned

Meanwhile, Hlomuka has condemned the protests by the department’s internal contract workers, which has seen the attack of department officials and government cars being stoned. 

The protests have been taking place at various departmental offices due to grievances surrounding the recruitment process of Road Worker Aides.

Hlomuka said, as part of S’thesha Waya Waya, more than 5 978 posts were advertised for Road Worker Aids and Grader Operators.

The MEC noted that due to the number of posts, the department knew that there would be a huge number of people applying, and in the process “a lot of dissatisfaction to many people seeking employment, even among our own internal contractor workers who are employed through the Vukayibambe Routine Road Maintenance Programme”.

“We have labour laws in the country and if people are unhappy about the recruitment process there are clear channels to follow. Where there are genuine complaints, we have directed the Head of Department to investigate any concerns and call upon our contract workers to not resort to violence,” Hlomuka said. –