Pro-poaching statement is fake news

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Department of Tourism has condemned the fake news published and circulating on social media platforms alleging that Deputy Minister Elizabeth Thabethe supports rhino poaching.

"We believe this advent of "fake news" continues to deny our people and consumers of such content the right to access developmental information as provided and shared on a consistent basis by our government and we pledge to continue to seek recourse through existing internet governance mechanisms and processes," said Thabethe.

The department said contrary to reports, the Deputy Minister has not issued a statement nor has she expressed pro-poaching views to any media or at any platform.

Thabethe condemned rhino poaching and all forms of environmental crimes and transgressions particularly the spate rhino and other endangered species poaching.

The Deputy Minister said she continues to support the efforts of the Department of Environmental Affairs in the pursuit to reduce such criminal activities.

"We continue to work effortlessly as government to not only secure, protect and develop our protected areas and species but to also promote the sustainable use and community beneficiation from tourism activities in parks and all forms of nature-based tourism," said Thabethe.

The Department cautioned the public to be mindful of fake news reports, and to corroborate any suspicious statements linked to its principals with the official media releases that are accessible on its website. –