President meets planning commission

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

President Cyril Ramaphosa today met with the members of the National Planning Commission (NPC) at his Mahlamba Ndlopfu official residence in Tshwane.

The Commission will briefed the President on progress made and challenges encountered since the commencement of this collective’s term in 2015.

The commission updated the President on indicators used to measure the implementation of the National Development Plan and reported on the review of the National Development Plan.

The mandate of the commission includes to promote and advance the implementation of the National Development Plan across different sectors of society.

The commission is also tasked with the detailed planning in a selected number of sectors to be determined from time to time. 

Other responsibilities of the commission include:

  • To conduct regular engagements with various sectors of society on all matters pertaining to the long-term development of the country;
  • To facilitate stakeholder engagements aimed at forging a social compact towards more effective implementation of the National Development Plan;
  • To undertake research into long-term trends, analyse implementation of short to medium term plans with a view to recommend improvements to government as well as produce reports to inform policy and planning; and
  • To contribute to development of international partnerships and networks on national planning.