President in final stages of considering bills

Friday, November 16, 2018

President Cyril Ramaphosa is in the final stages of considering all bills passed by Parliament and referred to him for signing into law, his office said on Thursday.

The following bills have been passed by Parliament and referred to the President for assent: Public Audit Amendment Bill; Political Party Funding Bill; Extension of Security of Tenure Amendment Bill; National Minimum Wage Bill; Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill; Labour Relations Amendment Bill; Liquor Product Amendment Bill, and Labour Laws Amendment Bills.

“The President appreciates the importance of this legislation to the protection of low-earning workers; the speedy and peaceful resolution of workplace disputes; the regulation of public and private funding of political parties as part of a vibrant democracy; the enhancement of the powers of the Auditor General to pursue consequences for poor audit outcomes, and to enhance the rights of people who live on land they do not own,” said the Presidency.

The legislation under review by the President encompasses a broad range of interventions and initiatives to deepen democracy and reduce poverty, unemployment and inequality.

“Mindful of this context, the President is giving priority to his constitutional duty of ensuring the constitutionality of all the bills passed by Parliament.

“All efforts are being made to expedite the processing of these bills without compromising the obligation imposed on the President by the Constitution.”

In light of this, President Ramaphosa is assessing the legislation with a view of ensuring that their development – through consultation and drafting - is not vulnerable to legal challenge and that it is constitutionally compliant.

“The President is mindful of the expectations of all sectors of society who participated in the development of this legislation and for whom implementation of these laws is an important component of addressing the societal and economic issues that gave rise to the legislative proposals.

“The President is applying his mind with urgency and thoroughness to enable the soonest feasible commencement of new dispensations in the respective sectors or areas of interest,” said the Presidency.

The President will inform Parliament and the public as soon as he decides on the bills. -