President expected to address education conference and cruise terminal opening

Monday, November 20, 2023

President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to address the Education International 10th Africa Regional (EIRAF) Conference in Johannesburg on Tuesday. 

The conference, which runs from 19 - 23 November, is being held under the theme: “Standing Together for Resilient Education Systems in Times of Crisis”.

The Presidency said: “The conference seeks to formulate strategies for equitable, inclusive, and high-quality public education; addressing challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Ebola, HIV and AIDS, conflict, and climate change.

“Discussions during the conference will focus on crucial topics such as making Early Childhood Education for All a reality in Africa, creating safe and healthy schools and education institutions, evidence-based social and policy dialogue, and defending and promoting academic freedom and professional autonomy in Africa." 

The Presidency explained that the conference is held every four years and the EIRAF “serves as a platform for reports, policy adoption, and future programme approval in accordance with its Constitution”.

“It offers member organisations a vital opportunity for substantive discussions on trade unions, education, the future of education, and other critical regional issues," the President's office said.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, President Ramaphosa is expected to deliver a keynote address at the inauguration of the Nelson Mandela cruise terminal in Durban.

According to the Presidency, the terminal came about as a result of a public-private partnership entered into between Transnet and Mediterranean Cruise Company (MSC) in 2019.

“The company’s vision for the terminal was a modern and tech-savvy facility that would provide a seamless experience for guests. The multi-user terminal has made Durban an even more desirable destination for cruise ships from all over the world.

“The initial investment into the terminal was a total of R296.7 million and in 2023, a further R30 million investment has been invested for further expansion. MSC Cruises believes the required expansion of the terminal is a positive indicator of the increased demand for cruising in the country,” the Presidency said.

Some 70% of procurement related to the terminals was sourced within the country.

“In addition, all consultants and experts are South African, including architects, engineers, attorneys, and the construction company.

“This launch event is a significant showcase of MSC cruises’ firm commitment to the KwaZulu-Natal Region and to South Africa as a whole,” the Presidency said. –