Preparations start early in Parliament

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Parliament - There is a hive of activity around Parliament as staff got an early start, even as the mist and darkness was still settling over Cape Town this morning.

As the day started breaking through, an excitement started lifting in anticipation of the arrival of old and new Members of Parliament (MPs).

Maintenance men and women were sweeping the autumn leaves off the pathway where the red carpet will be lain later and camera and television crews were setting up for the morning.

Parliament, which had up till a week ago resembled a ghost town, is getting ready to put on a show for the MPs, who are about to take up their position in the corridors of power over the next five years.

Ominous dark clouds threaten rain, but the only grey thing about the early morning was the weather. Staff are seen walking around greeting newspaper and television crews.

By the end of the day, South Africa's new President would have been elected, A new Speaker of the House and a new Deputy Speaker, and 400 MPs will swear to uphold the Constitution and look after the rights of all South Africans.