Police training to be intensified in fighting crime

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pretoria - The police leadership has vowed to continue with empowering members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) through intensive training to help them fight crime.

According to Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa, training is one of the many priorities the Ministry has outlined as part of the new approach in crime-fighting.

The minister pointed out that one of the fundamental elements in fighting crime, is through provision of proper training to police.

"The leadership and management of police views training as of paramount importance if we are to defeat this scourge of crime.

"We need to ensure that our members do not just receive a certificate as proof of training but that this translates into clear implementation.

"We have prioritised and continue to invest both in human and financial capital in our members to empower them to fulfill their duties," added the minister.

In dealing with the question of whether the current training programmes are well-suited to support police in dealing with crime, the minister stressed that the department remains confident that the training and development programmes have and continue to serve as arsenal to our members in fulfilling their duties.

"Of course as we have mentioned before, from now and then we will review what has worked in the past to inform our approach as we move forward.

"The one clear message we are sending to the criminals: we will never give up in our endeavours. We will use each and every available resource to defeat you."

Mthethwa was speaking at the awarding ceremony of the Institute of Sectoral and Occupational Excellence (ISOE) Award to the Bishop Lavis Training Institution in Cape Town.

The minister used the occasion to once again, encourage police to re-dedicate themselves to take the fight to the criminals with more vigour, determination and importantly within the boundaries of the law.

"We can confidently do so when we have all the best resources at our disposal. From time to time, we know that criminals re-sharpen their modus operandi as they seek to rob, kill and harm our society. This we cannot allow to happen and that is why it is important to continuously revitalize our training and development."

Bishop Lavis, which has trained 4638 trainees thus far including in basic and accelerated training, is the ninth SAPS Training Institution to acquire an ISOE Award.

The eight institutions that have already acquired this prestigious award are Graaff-Reinet, Chatsworth, Oudtshoorn, Bisho, Pretoria, Mthatha, All Saints and Ulundi.

Some of the key requirements in the awarding of this award include: meeting of Sector Education Training Authority requirements of accreditation, demonstrating that the institution can become an industry focused institute of training; demonstrating that the institution has commitment to excellence; capacity and engagement with the sector as well as providing training which meets occupational needs, preferably in those areas of scarce and critical skills.