Partner with govt to unlock pathways of earning for youth

Sunday, July 2, 2023

With the conclusion of Youth Month, government has called on business and civil society to partner in an effort to unlock pathways of earning for youth.

“In the spirit of ensuring that no one is left behind, government calls on all sectors of society to partner in an effort to unlock pathways of earning for the youth, so that they are able to lead sustainable lives,” said a statement issued by the Government Communication and Information System.

It said that as part of the continuous effort to ensure that the socio-economic needs of the youth are given priority by all, on Youth Day on 16 June 2023 government brought together business and civil society organisations to present entrepreneurial and employment opportunities that the youth can explore.

The programme included opportunities to engage with the youth through dialogues in order to better understand their challenges and barriers that they experience to fully participate in the economy.

Such efforts to mobilise society behind the youth are inspired by this years’ theme: “Accelerating collaborations and opportunities to improve the lives of the youth”.

“Government recognises that the future of South Africa rests upon the youth. As such, there is a need to pull all available resources, open up the economic space for the youth to participate economically and contribute to the growth of this country,” read the statement.

It is now 47 years since the 1976 student uprising upon which Youth Month and Youth Day Commemorations are founded. 

Michael Currin, acting government spokesperson, said: “As South Africa continues to acknowledge the contribution made by the 1976 youth towards the liberation of this country, we ought to also realise that unless the current socio-economic challenges faced by today’s youth are resolved, the sacrifices of the 1976 group would have been in vain.

“We therefore call on all the sectors that came together on the Youth Day continue playing a role in lifting young people beyond this month of June 2023.” –