Over-the-phone 2010 ticket applications

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pretoria - As from this week soccer fans will be able to apply for 2010 FIFA World Cup tickets over the phone.

A special call centre, which started operating on Monday, has been set up for this purpose. It will operate from 8am to 5pm Central European Time (CET) and 9am to 6pm South African time.

Fans can call 083 123 2010 as well as the international number +41 44583 2010.

Meanwhile, 84 percent of the World Cup tickets sold so far in the fourth phase of ticket sales have been bought by South Africans.

The FIFA World Cup Ticketing Sub-Committee said 117 589 tickets have been sold in 119 countries since the fourth phase of ticket sales started.

Apart from South Africa with 99 042 tickets sold, the countries with the most tickets sold in this phase are the United States with 4 327, the United Kingdom 1 964, Mexico 1 898, Australia 1 231 and Germany with 1 193.

A total of 110 583 individual match tickets have been sold as well as 7 006 team specific series tickets. About 11 500 applications are still being processed.

More than 400 000 tickets were made available for the fourth ticketing sales phase, which opened last Tuesday. This second-last sales phase will run until 7 April and the applications are dealt on a first come, first served basis. -