NW Premier reassures civil servants of job security

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mafikeng - North West Premier Maureen Modiselle has reassured government employees that the new provincial administration will honour all existing contractual agreements entered into by the previous government.

"Let me take this opportunity to unambiguously state that the new administration I have been tasked to lead has no intention of engineering any purging of officials within the provincial administration.

"The Government which assumed office this week, is committed to introduce a smooth, un-interruptive transition that maintains the core foundation of the administration established in the last decade and a half," said Premier Modiselle, during her welcoming meeting with her staff on Monday.

Ms Modiselle, who takes over the reigns from former Premier Edna Molewa, was appointed as the province's new premier last week.

She reiterated the need for strengthening unity among government employees in order to achieve all the priorities set for government.

"It is very important that as we begin to work in this new administration, we first make sure that there is unity that will ensure that we speed up service delivery to our people.

"We must ensure that we unite and promote commitment, hard work and determination in working for the people of this province," she explained.

Ms Modiselle further urged her staff to stay focused on fulfilling the commitments made by the President of the country.

"Let us all commit ourselves to become part of President Jacob Zuma's winning team and to take the lead as activists in the national effort to turn a new chapter in the service of our people.

"This administration will not seek any claim to sophistry or complexity. We will succeed in our endeavors for this new administration," she said.

On Sunday, President Zuma announced several changes to the structure of government and his executive.

However, he said civil servants will not lose their jobs as a result of the changes.

"Civil servants will not lose their jobs as a result of these changes. This is a matter of principle in terms of the country's labour relations dispensation.

"I however want to stress to our public servants that the era of hard work has begun. Public servants who do their work diligently and efficiently have nothing to worry about," he said at the Union Buildings.

The new President reiterated however that laziness and incompetence will not be tolerated, while the emphasis will be on excellence and achievement from the Cabinet and the public service.

Delivering his inaugural speech on Saturday, Mr Zuma was clear that delivery by his administration would be a priority.

"We are now called upon to implement our Manifesto. The dreams and hopes of all the people of our country must be fulfilled. There is no place for complacency, no place for cynicism, no place for excuses.

"Everything we do must contribute in a direct and meaningful way to the improvement of the lives of our people," he said.