Northern Cape citizens assured a better life

Friday, March 1, 2013

Kimberly – Northern Cape Acting Premier Grizelda Cjiekella says the provincial government will continue to strive for a better life for all.

Delivering the State of the Province Address in Kimberly on Friday, Cjiekella said increasing access to healthcare, creating employment opportunities and fighting crime was top of the provincial agenda.

“We have invested in health infrastructure and better services, creating centres of excellence in some of our health institutions and expanding the provision of ambulances,” she said.

Cjiekella said the provincial government had already allocated the Hospital Infrastructure Grant for the upgrading and maintenance of hospitals, and for constructing new ones.

According to Cjiekella, access to health services in the province has increased with a total of over 3.3 million patients utilising the primary healthcare facilities.

She said primary healthcare services were provided by 29 mobile services, 47 satellite clinics, 130 clinics and 33 community health care centres.

“We have also committed ourselves to intensify the fight against HIV and Aids and curb its spread,” she said.

Turning her focus to jobs, Cjiekella said the creation and retention of decent work and sustainable livelihoods was the primary focus of the provincial government.

“One of the defining features of a developmental state is the state’s intervention in the economy in favour of the needs of society as a whole.

“We are committed to building a transparent, responsive and responsible administration that has the capacity to deliver services and improve the living standards of our people,” she said.

She emphasised the need to train unemployed young people in the province to make them employable.

“It is equally important for us to ensure that our young people acquire the necessary skills and expertise to be productive citizens of our society,” said Cjiekella, adding that skills were crucial to a person’s ability to develop fully as an individual to live a rewarding life and to participate fully in society.

The acting premier said ensuring that all young people acquired skills was one of the greatest contributions that the provincial government could make to achieving social justice and equity.

“We will support job creation and sustainable livelihoods through accelerating the provision of basic services to communities,” she said.

On crime, Cjiekella warned those who abuse women that the repercussions will be severe.

“We must win the battle against crime in whatever form it manifests itself.  These inhumane and barbaric actions call for strict sentences that must act as a deterrent for perpetrators of violent crimes,” she said.

Cjiekella reiterated the call for men not to abuse women and children. –