North West Premier to meet Ramokokastad community

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

North West Premier Professor Job Mokgoro is scheduled to introduce administrator Advocate Ditaba Rantsane to the Baphalane Traditional Community in Ramokokastad.

“Subsequent to North West Premier Prof Tebogo Job Mokgoro’s recent decision to appoint an Administrator for the Baphalane Traditional Community in Ramokokastad, a meeting has been arranged for the Premier to introduce the administrator to the community of Baphalane,” said the office of the Premier.

The meeting, which will be attended by affected communities from villages in and around the area, is scheduled to take place on Thursday at the Ramokokastad Sports Grounds.

The community meeting will also provide an opportunity for provincial departments to present their intervention plans, this following the violent community protests which resulted in the destruction of public property including schools, clinic and the Baphalane Traditional Offices.

Earlier this month, the Office of the Premier announced Rantsane’s appointment as the administrator of the Baphalane Traditional Community, which has recently been involved in violent community protests mainly at Ramokokastadt, but also affecting other villages such as Bojating, Witrandjie and Phadi, resulting in serious instability in the areas.

Rantsane will assist the Traditional Council and perform duties as set out in section 9(1) of the Provincial Act.

At the time, the Premier’s Office said the decision to appoint an administrator was taken considering public interest, good governance and to bring stability and normality while a process of investigations is being expedited.

The protests have also affected the villages of Bojating, Witrandjie and Phadi, which resulted in the closure of schools in June, while public and private property were torched.

Community complaints date back to 2013, and the situation has escalated to an extent that service delivery has ground to a halt. The community is in serious distress as basic services are not accessible.

In addition, allegations levelled against Kgosi JJEM Ramokoka and the Traditional Council, amongst others, include maladministration and poor governance, financial mismanagement and a lack of community consultation on key decisions.

Thursday’s meeting is scheduled to get underway at 10am. –