No need to re-register for e-toll - SANRAL

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pretoria - The South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) has moved to reassure Gauteng motorists who have already registered for the e-toll system that they will not be required to re-register for the system.

SANRAL this week announced that it will issue revised terms and conditions for road users who register for the e-tolling system, which will come into operation at the end of April.

The agency said the new terms and conditions have taken into consideration the concerns and recommendations made by the public on the matter. The announcement sparked speculation that those who have already registered for their e-tags may need to re-register.

"They will be afforded an opportunity to review and accept the revised terms and conditions at that time and they will be notified of the process. They would not be prejudiced or disadvantaged because of the revised terms and conditions which will apply to everybody who has registered already or who registers in future," SANRAL said.

On Wednesday, SANRAL attended a conciliation meeting at the National Consumer Commission (NCC) to discuss the complaint by the DA that the existing Gauteng e-toll terms and conditions were unfair.

Both SANRAL and the DA were required to present their case to the Conciliator with regard to the complaints raised by the DA.

SANRAL said it intended to issue the revised terms and conditions after engagement with the NCC on its separate investigation and will consider its recommendations. However, the revised terms and conditions will be issued before toll commencement.

It said in preparing the revised terms and conditions, consideration was given to concerns which have been expressed by the public.

"For example, some people expressed concerns about the scope of SANRAL's right to request information about users from other institutions, while others questioned the process for querying the toll fees that might be payable by a user. These clauses are going to be updated in the revised terms and conditions."