No ban to Union Buildings marches - Presidency

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pretoria - The Presidency insists it has not instituted any ban on marches to the Union Buildings.

The president's office was reacting to reports suggesting that there is a blanket ban on all marches to the Union Buildings.

It said it upholds the right of all citizens to freedom of expression and peaceful demonstration, adding that it would continue to work with stakeholders to ensure that such rights are exercised within the law.

"We would encourage people only to march to the Union Buildings as a last resort."

The Presidency urged march organisers to channel whatever issues they may have to the relevant departments.

Following last year's march by soldiers to the Union Buildings, which ended in a violent confrontation, the Presidency said it has sought to improve the management of marches to the Union Buildings.

This, it says, is done working together with the Tshwane Metro and the relevant line function departments