National Land Transport Amendment Bill sent to Parliament

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pretoria - Cabinet has approved the submission of the National Land Transport Amendment Bill of 2015 to Parliament, which will transform and restructure the national land transport system.

The bill amends the National Land Transport Act, 2009 (Act 5 of 2009) and Cabinet says it will contribute towards a safer, accessible, efficient and effective public transport service.

“The bill provides guidance in, amongst others, non-motorised transport; e-hailing transport services and branding of public transport. It further provides administrative clarity on the delegated powers and regulations in respect of the issuing of public transport operating licences,” Cabinet said in a statement issued on Thursday.

Cabinet said this bill will also enable the roll-out of the Integrated Public Transport Networks and it forms part of the National Infrastructure Plan and the Strategic Integrated Project 7.

The National Infrastructure Plan and the Strategic Integrated Project 7 focus on the coordinated development of integrated transport networks to establish cities as engines of growth.

The fortnightly executive meeting also approved the publication of the Draft Strategy for Addressing Air Pollution in Dense Low-Income Communities of South Africa for public comment.

The strategy seeks to provide a dedicated focused approach to deal with high levels of pollution in some of the densely populated low-income communities. 

“It provides a coordinated approach to the implementation of efforts to reduce domestic fuel burning,” Cabinet said, adding that this focused strategy will support the existing national strategy to address air pollution in the country.

The intervention is to ensure these areas comply with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. –