Mpumalanga gets a taste of Madiba magic

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Deputy President David Mabuza kicked off Mandela Day by handing over newly built houses to seven families as part of the 300 houses that will be handed over to the community of Amsterdam in Mpumalanga.

The houses are the result of a partnership between government and Standard Bank to restore dignity to the community.

“In the true spirit and values of Madiba, we are pleased that we handed over houses to seven families that previously had no decent shelter over their heads.

“This has been made possible through a partnership between ourselves and the private sector. To Standard Bank and other local business people who availed their resources for this good course, we express profound words of gratitude,” said Mabuza.

Following the declaration by the United Nations of 18 July, the birth of Nelson Mandela as International Mandela Day, scores of people around the world use the day to spread Madiba by doings acts of service.

Madiba’s centenary is being celebrated under the theme “Be the legacy”, which calls on everyone to find the Mandela within themselves. Madiba’s centenary coincides with that of Mama Albertina Sisulu.

In October this year, Mama Sisulu’s centenary will be celebrated under the theme “A woman of fortitude”.

Following the handover, the Deputy President engaged learners of Nganana High School at Amsterdam in the province.

“As we celebrate the life and times of Madiba, we draw inspiration from his vision on development of our children.

“Just this morning, we spent time with the learners of Nganana High School which is one of the high performing school in the area, but that is faced with substance abuse. We went to this particular school to share with them the teachings of Madiba,” said Mabuza.

In his address to the Amsterdam community, Mabuza called on South Africans to be active citizens.

“The building of a South Africa of our dreams will not be possible without active participation by all of us. In essence, we must take charge of our future and must act as agents of change in all human endeavours.

“This citizenship is one that understands that during a service delivery protest it is self-defeating to burn down schools, government buildings or any public properties as a mechanism to express grievances, no matter how genuine they may be,” said the Deputy President.

Unite the country through land distribution

In honour of Mandela, Mabuza said South Africa must work towards a society that will achieve radical transformation, address unemployment, poverty and inequality that continue to plague the country.

“To build this society, land reform and redistribution is key to genuine national unity. Coincidentally, as we celebrate the centenary of these icons, our country is engaged in a process that will see the return of the land to the people from whom it was taken.

“To truly unite all South Africans we must give effect to all the clauses of the Freedom Charter. We must share the land among all our people. The people must all share in the wealth of this country,” he said.

Reflecting on Madiba’s values, the Deputy President said the scourge of violence against women trampled on those values.

“Madiba believed in the liberation and advancement of women. We can speak with certainty that he looks down on us with that radiating smile as he sees the notable advances we are making in the advancement of the interests and rights of women.

“However, the continuing killings and violence against women makes a mockery of what Madiba stood for. Women are callously and violently abused and murdered by people that have in the past been romantically involved with,” said Mabuza. –