Mozambique elections credible, says AU mission

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Maputo - The recently concluded elections in Mozambique were credible and carried out in line with the Constitution and laws of the country, Chief of the observant mission of the African Union (AU) Roberto Almeida said on Saturday.

Assessing the development of presidential, legislative and provincial elections, Almeida said the election results would be a reflection of the sovereign will of the people of Mozambique.

The National Electoral Commission of Mozambique said the positions of every candidate in the polls held last Wednesday will be made public on Monday.

According to Mozambique Radio, preliminary results of the elections indicate the re-election of current President Armando Guebuza, with 75 percent of the votes of a total of 10 million electors.

Guebuza, the leader of the Liberation Front of Mozambique (FRELIMO), was ahead by a considerable margin of the leader of Mozambique National Resistance (RENAMO) Alfonso Dhlakama and of the representative of the Democratic Movement of Mozambique, Daviz Simango.

Under the Constitution, in case no candidate to the presidency obtains 50 percent of the votes, then a second electoral run will be held.