Motorists warned to behave during World Cup

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pretoria - Traffic authorities will show no mercy to reckless drivers during the soccer World Cup.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has warned motorists that given the high accident rate in South Africa, traffic authorities will not turn a blind eye to offences that could have deadly consequences.

Collins Letsoalo, acting CEO of the RTMC, appealed to motorists to remain cautious and responsible, despite the party atmosphere that is already sweeping the country.

"We do not want to spoil the celebrations and parties, but we certainly cannot allow lawlessness to lead to crashes and casualties on our roads. Fatalities as a result of road crashes will certainly cause heartbreak and long term suffering for loved ones and that is not the legacy we want the games to leave behind," he added.

In preparation for the World Cup, traffic officers underwent additional training to deal with foreign drivers, customer relations and crowd control.

Traffic authorities have also been roped in to assist with the escorting of soccer VIPs.

To help motorists get through the World Cup accident and incident free the RTMC has issued the following advice:

- Fans should arrive at least three hours before the opening ceremony that will be held at the Orlando Stadium on Friday, 10 June 2010.

- Fans are requested to leave and arrive early at the match venues, at least two hours before kick-off time.

- Motorists should note that the normal law enforcement activities will continue, including camera speed enforcement.

- While no roadblocks will be held before any game (to avoid delays, congestion and frustration), motorists must be aware that random alcohol blitzes will be conducted after the matches. Drivers are advised to avoid any alcohol before and after any matches.

- Special Enforcement Operations will be conducted at fan parks and public viewing areas as it is expected that as part of the festivities, alcohol will be consumed.

- Public transport vehicles will be inspected for both driver and vehicle fitness along all major arterial routes leading into and out of various stadia.

- Violations such as excessive speed, barrier line infringements, jumping red lights and general dangerous driving will not be tolerated and drivers can and will be arrested.

- The possibility of road rage is very real and motorists are requested to plan effectively, leave on time, be courteous to fellow road users and learn to relax.

- Be especially courteous and patient with foreign drivers who may be lost or uncertain about our road traffic rules and regulations.

- Report bad driving to 0861 400 800.

- At all times, buckle up and obey all road traffic rules.