Mkhize salutes outoging MDB members

Monday, February 18, 2019

Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Zweli Mkhize has acknowledged the contribution and hard work of the outgoing members of the Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB), whose term ends on Tuesday.

The MDB Board’s functions are to determine municipal boundaries and render advisory services in matters provided in the Demarcation Act. The board delimits municipal wards and conducts the capacity assessment of district and local municipalities to enable the MECs of local government to allocate powers and functions.

“The MDB was born out of the mission to collapse race, class and other prejudicial considerations that informed the configuration of the erstwhile apartheid municipalities. The old municipalities replicated apartheid inequalities in the distribution of resources and provision of services in favour of advantaged communities,” Mkhize in a statement.

He congratulated the outgoing chairperson, Jane Thupana, and the rest of the board members, saying they had effectively dealt with disputes.

The disputes arise as a result of the entity’s work of ensuring deepening democracy and citizen participation through robust engagement with all stakeholders with regard to demarcation issues, and through their efforts in reversing the apartheid spatial demarcation patterns.

“Despite the challenges experienced along the way, through the support of the MDB amongst other important institutions, this country has overseen five successful local government elections and we applaud this important feat. We take this moment to congratulate the outgoing Board for their devoted service through challenging times,” the Minister said.

The Board is appointed by the President of the Republic.

The Minister established an independent selection panel on 6 April 2018, in line with section 8(1) (b) of the Act, mandated to conduct the recruitment and selection of persons and or candidates to be recommended to the President for appointment for a period of five years. –