Ministers' cars belong to state - Baloyi

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pretoria - Public Service and Administration Minister, Richard Baloyi has reiterated government's position that official vehicles "are and remain the property of the state provided to ministers as tools to execute their functions."

Baloyi has noted with great concern persistence by MPs in posing questions on official ministerial vehicles, despite repeated clarification on the matter by Cabinet as well as the Task Team dealing with the matter.

Baloyi has released a statement emphasizing that as an employer, government determines the conditions of employment including the provision of necessary tools for members of the executive to do their work.

"As government we would like to reiterate that official vehicles are not the personal belongings of the members...," Baloyi said.

He urged MPs to understand that Members of the Executive "have not broken any rules and that the official vehicles, which belong to the state, have been acquired for them by their departments in strict compliance with the regulations as contained in the Ministerial Handbook."

The minister also stressed government's sensitivity on the matter and said measures aimed at fiscal prudence are being enforced at various levels of government.