Minister impressed by innovations at hydropower plant

Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Minister of Water and Sanitation Gugile Nkwinti has expressed appreciation for the innovative technologies at the Bloemwater hydropower plant in Mangaung.

The Minister was taken on a tour of the plant on Friday.

The plant is able to produce 96 kilowatt of electricity and provides 70% of Bloemwater offices’ power needs.

“The plant also uses a changeover panel specifically designed to sense when a dip in electricity supply occurs and changes over automatically to the grid. If all power fails then the changeover panel will automatically activate a diesel generator also on the premises,” said the department.

The Minister expressed his appreciation for such technologies and encouraged more innovations of this nature from within the department and its entities.

He engaged with Bloemwater, a water board, as well as the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality to get a better understanding of the challenges they face. –