Mangosuthu University of Technology closed indefinitely

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pretoria - The Mangosuthu University of Technology has been closed for an indefinite period following the disruption of academic activities this week.

In a statement released on Friday by the University's Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Mashupye Kgaphola, he noted with concern the various acts of intimidation and interference that took place on campus, including acts of violent behavior that were reportedly committed by some students. 

University property was also damaged in the process.

"Senate has noted that the management of the university has obtained a court interdict, with a view of stabilising the situation on campus. However, it has become apparent that for a number of reasons and most importantly, out of a concern not to further inflame the situation, the relevant authorities have had to act with a great measure of restraint under the circumstances.

"The latter development has unfortunately been exploited by those students who were clearly intent on provoking a confrontation, and in addition, acted in way that defied the court order," said Kgaphola. 

Students were ordered to vacate all university premises, including both internal campus and external campus, by Friday. Those who failed to do so would be "forcibly removed from the premises."

Kgaphola said the date of reopening the university would be announced in due course through various media.

Students, who have been protesting since Monday, were dissatisfied with, among others, quality of transport, living conditions at the residences, and issues pertaining to financial aid.

They say a list of grievances contained in a petition dating back to February had not yet been addressed. - BuaNews