Manamela to visit Northern Cape institutions

Friday, January 10, 2020

As part of the ongoing work of assessment and monitoring of 2020 admissions and registration processes in institutions of higher learning, Higher Education, Science and Innovation Deputy Minister Buti Manamela will today visit the Northern Cape Urban TVET and Sol Plaatje University.

In a statement, the department said the visit will see Manamela conduct a blitz focussing on DHET services such National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NFSAS), Career Development Service (CDS) and Central Application Clearing House (CACH).

“The Blitz will also raise awareness against bogus colleges. The aim of the Blitz is to make prospective students aware of unregistered private institutions,” the department said.

Moreover, the DHET said, the Blitz will help those students who qualified for NFSAS bursary to check their application statuses. 

“The CACH programme is there to help particularly the prospective students who have applied for admission to a public university or TVET, but have not been offered a place in their programme of choice.

“The Deputy Minster will have an opportunity to explain how CACH services can be useful, how it operates, and its importance to the applicants,” the department said.

The Deputy Minister will also make a stop at Sol Plaatje University and Northern Cape Urban TVET to check on the state of readiness of the 2020 admission and registration process, including the NFSAS process.

This will also give the Deputy Minister an opportunity to meet and interact with the staff and management of the institutions, the department said.

He will also visit the South African Environment Observation Network (SAEON) to meet with management and to experience demonstration of field studies, including two flux towers, primary productivity monitor, weather stations, and phenology project and have discussion of science engagement with management. –