Malaria cases drop in Limpopo

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pretoria - The Limpopo Department of Health and Social Development has announced a rapid decrease in Malaria cases across the province.

Departmental spokesperson Selby Makgotho said the sharp decline of cases in January could be attributed to the department's intensive control interventions.

"During the last two weeks of January, 94 and 45 cases of malaria were reported respectively.

"The department has managed to contain the spread of malaria, avoiding the situation getting out of hand and preventing a full blown epidemic," he said.

Last year December, 139 cases were reported which increased to 236 cases during the second week of January.

Extensive community awareness campaigns in the affected communities and the preparedness of the Primary Health Care facilities to deal with the increased malaria cases, both contributed to lower malaria fatalities.

Makgotho said no malaria deaths were reported during the past three weeks.

As the malaria season extends up to end of April, the department will continue with its efforts to combat the spread of malaria in the malaria high risk areas.

The areas prone to Malaria in the province include parts of the Vhembe District, Giyani and the surrounding areas in Mopani District.

The department urged communities to immediately consult the nearest health facility for malaria tests if they experience flu-like symptoms such as body pains, headache and fever.