Mabuza to address traditional leaders

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Deputy President David Mabuza is expected to address the annual opening of the National House of Traditional and Khoi-San Leaders at Parliament's Good Hope Chamber on Thursday.

The house is a grouping of traditional leaders from across South Africa and acts a representative of traditional leaders and the communities they serve.

In a statement, the Presidency described the National House of Traditional and Khoi-San Leaders as an integral part of the country’s democracy.

“The institution of Traditional and Khoi-San leadership is an important pillar of unity and cohesion in our country’s democratic constitutional dispensation. As custodians of culture and heritage, Traditional and Khoi-San leaders promote the interests of citizens through their active participation in efforts to address the socio-economic challenges facing society broadly, especially those in traditional communities,” the statement read.

The National House of Traditional and Khoi-San Leaders opening is expected to be attended by traditional leaders, members of the provincial houses of traditional leaders, ministers premiers and other leaders in government and society.

According to the Presidency, Mabuza will delve into the role that traditional leaders play in society.

“In his address, Deputy President Mabuza will highlight the critical role that traditional and Khoi-San leadership plays as the legitimate voice of the people, and custodians of culture, customs and tradition, as well as an embodiment of our heritage, in partnership with government.

“The Deputy President will further emphasise the critical importance of government working together with traditional and Khoi-San leaders in resolving the complex challenges confronting society,” the Presidency said. –