Load-shedding risk continues: Eskom

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pretoria - As the risk for load-shedding continues, power utility Eskom has called on South Africans to use electricity sparingly.

In its Twitter feed on Wednesday, the utility said the risk of load-shedding was medium to high while it also appealed to the public to use electricity sparingly.

Any unexpected changes on an already constrained power system could result in load-shedding.

This after it implemented stage one load-shedding from 6pm to 10pm on Tuesday.

The utility thanked those customers who responded to the call to reduce their energy consumption which helps reduce the severity of load-shedding.

“The system will continue to be under severe pressure during the week, so the risk of load shedding remains high. There is a shortage of generation capacity due to units that are currently out of service due to planned and unplanned maintenance. The focus is on returning the units that are on unplanned maintenance back on line in order to increase available capacity,” said Eskom.

Eskom implements load-shedding as a measure of last resort to protect the power system from collapsing, and it only load sheds what is required to balance demand and supply.

“We call on all South Africans to continue using electricity sparingly in order to limit the severity of load shedding. Businesses and households can make a difference by implementing energy saving measures in their processes and daily lives,” said the utility. - SAnews.gov.za