Life-size diamond ball adds sparkle to World Cup

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Johannesburg - A South African jeweler has unveiled a R20 million life-sized World Cup football to commemorate the FIFA World Cup.

The ball is made up of 6 620 white and 2 640 black round, brilliantly cut South African diamonds with a total weight of 3 500 carats.

Yair Shimansky, of the upmarket and popular Shimansky chain, said the ball "was not designed for any goal kicking practice."

The diamond encrusted ball weighs about 2.2 kg.

Shimansky said he was in talks with a European soccer club about selling the World Cup ball to them as a 2010 commemorative display piece for their club.

His seven national stores will each exhibit an exact crystal replica of the ball in their windows for the duration of the World Cup.

After the World Cup is concluded, each replica will be auctioned with the proceeds being given to each regional store's chosen charity.