Lamola condemns murder of children burnt to death in Soshanguve

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Justice and Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola has condemned the brutal killing of two children in Soshanguve, Gauteng.

The two children, aged four and seven, died when the shack they were in was set alight by gunmen, who were allegedly after their father.

The suspects had allegedly already shot six other people at a shebeen in the same area, killing two.

“It is unconscionable that such horrific indent occurs during a period when our country is commemorating Child Protection Week.

“It highlights the urgent need for swift action from law enforcement to bring perpetrators to book. The full might of the law must be demonstrated to ensure justice for the victims and their families,” Lamola said.

Police have subsequently launched a manhunt for the alleged killers.

Lamola also condemned the killing of family members in Glenmore, KwaZulu-Natal, allegedly related to their support of Palestine.

“This senseless act of violence, which resulted in the death of a woman and the attempted murder of her husband and son, is a blatant attack on South Africa’s Constitutionally-guaranteed rights to freedom of association, expression and political choice.

“We call for a thorough investigation and prosecution to ensure that justice is served,” Lamola said. –