Joburg Mayor tables R26bil budget

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Johannesburg - Johannesburg Executive Mayor Amos Masondo tabled the city's R26 billion budget on Wednesday.

"The budget that we are presenting today, proposes an overall spending plan for the 2009/2010 Medium Term Budget of R26 billion," Mr Masondo said.

He said approximately R22.7 billion would be spent on the operational budget, representing a 14 percent increase from the current financial year.

"We are budgeting for a surplus of R442.7 million in 2009/2010 to be generated from operations, the surplus will enable us to fund on-going capital investment infrastructure."

He said the budget was prepared on the basis of constraint challenges and low collection levels attributed to the economic slowdown; the decrease in borrowing and grant funding had complicated the balancing of the budget.

"The City has made a number of infrastructure investments which will ensure that we successfully host the 2010 FiFA World Cup, and leave a lasting legacy for our people beyond the 2010 FIFA World Cup," said Mr Masondo.

In the 2009/2010 Capital Budget, R979 million has been allocated to the Office of the Mayor, which includes the 2010 Office.

A total of R110 million has been allocated to the 2010 World Cup Operations, R80 million will be used to complete the International Broadcast Centre and R35 million was allocated to Bid Book Compliance for Fan Parks and Public viewing Sites.

A total of R1.3 billion has been allocated to the Metro Police Department. Mr Masondo said this shows their commitment to issues of safety.

The budget will be used to improve law enforcement operations at R56 million; R23 million will be used towards the community disaster mitigation information programme; R571 million was allocated towards crime prevention; R90 million will be used for women and child safety and traffic safety enforcement and traffic management received R542 million.

Emergency Management Services was allocated R7 million to finance fire equipment for fire engines. A further R1.5 million will be channeled towards purchasing fire protective clothing for 150 new fire fighters.

Housing allocations amounts to R358.4 million, while the Johannesburg Roads Agency has been given a budget of R163 million. A total of R82 million will be spent on upgrading gravel roads in Bram Fischerville, Diepsloot, Doornkop, Ivory Park and Orange Farm.

More than R12.5 million was allocated for health for the upgrading and construction of clinics.

The city is to continue investing in the environmental health risk management programme, R80 million, primary health care strengthening and expansion R69 million, HIV prevention R44 million, Tuberculosis control R24 million; and environmental health promotion R16 million.

Mr Masondo said provision has been made in the Finance Department of R1.5 billion towards bad debt, depreciation and the debt servicing cost to ensure that the city is able to meet its obligation in terms of borrowing and bond payments as they mature.

City Power's operating budget amounts to R825 million.