Initiation at schools prohibited

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Department of Basic Education has encouraged learners who are subjected to initiation practices at their school to report it to their parents immediately.

The department in a statement said it condemns the use of the practice in schools, saying they are often violent and humiliating for learners and constitute a form of abuse.

“Initiation is prohibited in our schools and any learner who is subjected to such practices is encouraged to report it to their parents immediately.

“Parents should in turn immediately take it up with the principal of the school and if need be the district education office,” the department said.

The department warned that initiation practices breed a culture of violence and said that “this is not welcome in the schooling environment and may cause learners who feel intimidated and humiliated to act out violently in retaliation”.

“Schools need to be peaceful and safe spaces that are welcoming and conducive to impactful learning, not a place of fear.

“As the Department of Basic Education, we endeavour to holistically educate our learners to be productive members of society. This cannot be done in an environment that promotes violence, intimidation and humiliation.” –

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