Help in the fight against corruption

Friday, May 11, 2018

Finance Deputy Minister Mondli Gungubele has called on role players to proactively help in the fight against corruption.

“We have to confront the spectre of corruption and malfeasance in all of their forms. We have to ensure as public servants that we put our shoulders to the wheel and ensure that everyone reaps the benefits of the freedom that Madiba and many others fought for,” said Deputy Minister Gungubele.

Speaking at the opening of the second annual Public Financial Management (PFM) Conference earlier this week, the Deputy Minister urged delegates to come up with conference resolutions that would ensure a restoration of trust in the public service, and for corruption to be dealt with.

The three-day conference, which is hosted by National Treasury in partnership with the European Union (EU) and the British High Commission, got underway on Wednesday at Gallagher Estate.

The Deputy Minister also noted that public finances, especially government spending, needed to be carefully dealt with.

He re-emphasised that government would not breach spending ceilings.

Meanwhile, Ambassador of the European Union (EU) to South Africa, Dr Marcus Cornaro in his remarks said that a sound PFM system is a game changer. He added that a sound PFM system cannot be isolated from the broader Economic Governance agenda.

Improving service delivery

Dr Cornaro reiterated that in the framework of the EU-South Africa cooperation, the EU remains a committed partner that is engaged to support the South African structural reform agenda.

In that respect a fourth iteration of the Financial Management Improvement Programme (FMIP) valued at €15 million will soon start, he said.

The programme will be focusing on improving public finance management at municipal level to improve service delivery, and also strengthening public participation and monitoring in the budget process and execution.

British High Commissioner Nigel Casey, who also addressed the conference, said that improving public finance management systems had widespread and long lasting benefits, including better management of the economy, reduced scope for corruption and more efficient delivery of public services, which was essential for achieving sustainable and inclusive development.

“The UK was pleased to provide € 2.2 million to support the third phase of the National Treasury’s Financial Management Improvement Programme (FMIP III), which has strengthened public financial management across the three tiers of government. We would like to thank the Government teams involved in driving this effort, our funding partners, the European Union and the programme implementers AECOM,” said the Commissioner.

The conference will conclude today. -