Government conducts travel survey

Thursday, February 8, 2024

The Department of Transport has encouraged the public to participate in its annual travel survey on the accessibility of all transport systems to people with disabilities, elderly people, women and children.

“Parents of children are encouraged to complete the survey on behalf of their child, and assistants to persons with disabilities are also encouraged to do so, with the person with a disability who they assist,” the department said on Thursday.

The purpose of the travel survey is to benchmark progress in rolling out the White Paper on National Transport Policy 2021, which indicates that all forms of transport must be universally accessible.

“We invite anyone who receives this Survey who does not fall into the above categories, to please pass the link onto those who do. The link is:

“This travel survey is run in partnership with the information and communications technology (ICT) ICT Subcommittee on Universally Accessible Transport, which meets with the Department of Transport quarterly,” the department said.

This year’s results will be shared with the Presidential Working Group for Persons with Disabilities. The President has endorsed a drive to speed up the process to make transport accessible to all. –