Government commits to root out violence

Friday, July 21, 2017

President Jacob Zuma says government will continue to take positive measures and work closely with communities to root out the scourge of violent crimes against women and children.

The President was addressing the 50th anniversary of the death of Chief Albert Mvumbi Luthuli that was held in Groutville in KwaZulu-Natal on Friday.

While government has made considerable progress on the gender equality front, President Zuma reckons that Luthuli would have been deeply pained by the high levels of violent crime against women and children in society today.

Although Luthuli died about 50 years ago under mysterious circumstances, President Zuma said the country must take solace in the fact that his legacy lives for generations to come to learn and build on -- to make the country a united, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous society.

“The official report was that he was run over by a train. The report remains unconvincing to this day,” said President Zuma.

Luthuli was a committed freedom fighter who outlined South Africa's vision as follows in the Nobel Peace Prize lecture on receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize from the Norwegian Nobel Committee in 1960, which he accepted in 1961.

Speaking in the context of Mandela Month, President Zuma said the values of South Africa’s Constitution should provide a moral and ethical edifice from which citizens can draw sustenance and a sense of purpose.

According to President Zuma, Luthuli was a practical exponent of such values as exemplified in his quest for equality, especially gender equality, non-racialism, openness, respect and his fervent fight against all manifestation of tribalism.

“The values of respect, selflessness, openness and accountability all epitomise who Chief Luthuli was. We are therefore duty-bound to learn from him and find ways in which his ideals and values can find a practical expression in our day to day lives.”-

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