Gauteng welcomes commencement of e-hailing mediation process

Monday, August 1, 2022

Gauteng MEC for Public Transport and Roads Infrastructure, Jacob Mamabolo, has welcomed the commencement of the mediation process between the Gauteng e-Hailing Partners Council (GEPCO) and e-hailing technology companies, Uber and Bolt.

“We applaud all parties for agreeing to participate in this process. We look forward to a fruitful mediation process where all parties will cooperate to ensure successful resolution to all issues,” the MEC said on Monday.

The mediation process, scheduled to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, follows a series of engagements between the department and affected parties to find sustainable and amicable solutions to their challenges.

These range from pricing, security, fare structuring as well as downgrading of vehicles, among others.

Mamabolo said the department recognises the important role played by the e-hailing industry in the transport sector and called on affected parties to give the mediation process a chance.

“The department values GEPCO as an important stakeholder in the e-hailing industry and encourages all public transport stakeholders and partners to work with them.

“We need to continue instilling a culture of negotiations in the public transport sector and spare the public incidences of violence and disruptions.

“These discussions are crucial to our #SmartMobility vision of integrating all modes of public transport to provide an efficient, safe, reliable and sustainable transport system in the province,” the MEC said.

He said the department’s mission of creating a seamless, integrated transport system requires that there be peace and stability.

“Successful integration of all public transport systems requires us to work together to find innovative ways to resolve issues and minimise violence in the sector. It is through negotiations that we can achieve that, and we are hopeful the mediation process will be successful,” Mamabolo said. –