Gauteng settles outstanding payments to NPOs

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Gauteng Provincial Government has concluded all outstanding payments to Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) funded by government.

Gauteng Department of Social Development said the delays were as a result of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) not being signed with NPOs due to non-compliance by the majority of NPOs with SLA provisions. This in turn led to budgets being released late to the regions.

In a statement issued by the Department of Social Development on Tuesday, the department confirmed that a total of 1 411 SLAs have been signed to date, with 2 273 expected to be signed in total.

Social Welfare Services Deputy Director General, Onkemetse Kabasia, said a total of 955 signed SLAs have been paid since April and May 2018, and the remaining 456 are en route to department’s finance unit.

“The finance unit has processed a check run, which will see a total amount of R61 million paid to 456 NPOs by close of business on Tuesday,” Kabasia said.

All signed SLAs must be tracked and submitted to finance by no later than today for payment.

“There is a weekly tracking that is submitted every Friday, which is intended to assist with monitoring of the SLAs and payments. The tool will be updated per region, per NPO to include the reasons the SLA has not been signed or payments made,” Kabasia said. –