Gauteng makes progress in placing remaining learners

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has confirmed that all learners who had applied during the 2023 Online Admissions application period, are placed.

In a statement on Monday, the GDE said that only about 176 Grade 8 learners from the Tshwane West District are currently awaiting their placement at a new satellite school in Pretoria North.

The GDE said it has been hard at work to increase capacity in high pressure areas through various means to ensure that all learners are placed accordingly.

“As of Monday, 30 January 2023, only 176 Grade 8 learners in Tshwane West [are still] to be placed. This remnant emanates from an initial 223 unplaced learners within our district, [with] 47 learners having since been placed at Amandasig Secondary and are currently attending class on a rotational basis.

“Subsequently, these 176 unplaced learners will be placed at a new satellite school registered as North Park Secondary School. These learners will start attending class from Monday, 6 February 2023,” the GDE said.

In Ekurhuleni North District, the department said the initial 232 unplaced Grade 1 learners in Olifantsfontein were placed in Olifantsfontein Primary School, where capacity has been increased.

Olifantsfontein Primary School received a total of 11 additional mobiles. Eight of these mobile classrooms are currently being installed to accommodate learners who are being taught in the school hall.

Of the initial 501 unplaced Grade 8 applicants in Kempton Park, 106 were placed at schools with available space.

The department said the remaining 395 learners were placed at a satellite school registered as New Kempton Park Secondary School.

“Regrettably, despite this concerted effort by the department, parents of the unplaced learners in Kempton Park raised safety concerns about the vicinity of this satellite school and are consequently refusing this placement.

“However, engagements with the parents will continue in a meeting with the MEC scheduled for today at 5pm. We appeal with these parents to accept this placement,” the GDE said.

In the Johannesburg West District, of the initial 434 Grade 8 applicants that were unplaced in Roodepoort, 38 learners were accommodated at schools where capacity has been increased, the department said.  

The GDE said that the remaining 396 learners were accommodated at a satellite school registered as Robinhood College in Maraisburg. Teaching at the school is expected to commence on Wednesday, 1 February 2023.

Said Gauteng Education MEC, Matome Chiloane: “The efforts we have undertaken to ensure that all learners are placed are proving [successful], and we will continue with these efforts to place the remaining learners in Tshwane West. We appeal with parents in Kempton Park to accept the placement measures we have developed for their children.” –