Gauteng, gateway to 2010 media

Friday, June 11, 2010

Johannesburg - Gauteng will be the epicenter of the FIFA 2010 World Cup's media buzz.

The province, which won the bid to host the accredited Media Centres for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, today celebrates the opening of its doors to the bulk of the 30 000 international media in the country.

During June and July, South Africa will receive unprecedented media attention. The province's two Media Centres will enable international and local media to be on the pulse of the action, events and exhibits, 24/7.

"The launch of this world class international Gauteng Gateway 2010 media centre is groundbreaking and important for our region. We want to ensure all media (local and international) have a home, nerve centre and a space that has a finger on the pulse 24/7 to allow a free flow of information during the World Cup," says Barba Gaoganediwe, media head for the Gauteng Gateway 2010 project team.

In order to host and facilitate the work of accredited and non-accredited international and local media, the Gauteng Gateway Project has identified two venues:

The nerve centre for communication in Gauteng is the Craft and Design Centre based in Sandton Square next to FIFA HQ.

Facilities will include a media concierge desk, a media hot desk facility and tented open area which will accommodate a lounge/bar area for the media.

This space is an area that makes it possible for media to work, network and relax.

It will also be the operational space for the Gauteng Gateway 2010 media team - making them available and within the immediate proximity of the media - an opportunity to talk to over 40 countries via their media representatives.

With its close proximity to the Newtown Cultural Precinct area which is home to the Mary Fitzgerald Square Public Viewing Area, Braamfontein was chosen as the preferred accommodation destination for the international media in Gauteng.

Hence, the second Media Centre will be located within the South Point building, at the Auckland Building, No.1 Biccard Street in Braamfontein, Joburg city centre.

The Gauteng 2010 Gateway team also made provisions for assisting the media in terms of fulfilling the needs of recreational activities in the form of a service that will offer shuttle services to and from key locations in the Gauteng area.